Deutz Parts

Deutz Parts

At Illini Hi Reach Inc., we understand the importance of heavy-duty machines. For your business to grow, your Deutz engine has to perform well. That is why we stock parts for DUETZ classics and do repairs. Here are some of the Deutz spare parts we have in our inventory.

Hour Meter

The hour meter is found on the left side of the lower controls. It calculates the accumulated engine operating time.

Engine Temperature Gauge

It is found on the lower control panels. On liquid-cooled engines, the gauge indicates the temperature of the antifreeze and water mixture. On an air-cooled engine, the gauge shows the temperature of the oil as it leaves the filter.

Ammeter Gauge

The function of the gauge is to show the current flow from the alternator to the batteries. It is found on the lower control panels. The gauge indicator will read zero if the engine has been running under normal operating conditions.


These maintenance parts are found on the engine gauge panel, slightly above the lower controls. It shows the battery voltage. It should read between 12- 14 volts if the engine runs for few minutes under normal operations.

Engine Air Filter Gauge

It is found on the engine gauge panel above the lower controls. It measures the air pressure between the air filter and manifold. The yellow indicator remains at the highest level when the engine is off. When the yellow indicator points at the red area, it is time to change the filter element. Once you change the filter element, click on the reset button.

Fuel Gauge

These DUETZ spare parts are found on top of the gasoline or diesel tank. To access the gauge, open the door on the right side of the chassis. You can read the fuel gauge at the line in the clear plastic window. The gauge indicates the level of the fuel. Never run a diesel fuel tank empty. LPG tanks have a fuel gauge with two scales. One scale measures the fuel level when vertical, and the other measures the level of fuel when it is horizontal.

Hydraulic Fluid Filter gauge

It is found on top of the reservoir. The reservoir is on the left side of the turntable behind the door. When there is a high pump flow, the gauge shows the condition of the filter. If the needle moves to the red zone, it is time to change the filter. Read the fluid level when the booms are retracted and down and the platform is in a folded position. The cylinders are significant reservoirs for hydraulic fluid, and when you read the gauge when the platform is horizontal, the level may appear too low. The fluid needs to be somewhere between the minimum and maximum lines.

Pinch points can be found between moving components. Severe injury or death can occur from being trapped between the buildings, components, structures, or other obstacles. When operating an aerial platform, please ensure staff is away from the surrounding area. The aerial platform should only be operated by authorized personnel. This ensures minimal risks both to people and property.

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Deutz Parts
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