New 1000/1333 kVA Mine Power Centers

Refurbished Mine Power Centers from 300 kVA to 2000 kVA, 4160-600V and 13,800-600V


Reconditioned 1000/1333 kVA Unit Sub













750 kVA 13.8 kV-600V Unit Substation



Whether you're in need of 1 substation or 5 or more, at Mine Power Services we can handle your needs with our onsite inventory.

No need to wait 3 months or more production time from the factory. Our refurbished units are tested and guaranteed to perform to the same specifications as a brand new unit.


Mine Power Services provides installation and maintenance of underground mine electrical distribution systems

Our services include:

  • Installation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems
  • Consulting services on mine power systems design, short and long term planning
  • Cleaning and refurbishing of electrical distribution equipment including:
    • Portable mining substations
    • Mine Power Centers
    • Medium voltage switchgear and distribution centers
    • Ventilation fans
    • Dewatering pumps
    • Transformers
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Mine Power Services offers exceptional service and high quality equipment at economical prices, without long lead times. Our large inventory of Mine Power Centers means that our customers don't have to wait months when they need a portable substation in a hurry.

Mine Power Services is the only supplier in Canada with a large inventory of new and reconditioned Mine Power Centers. MPCs are also called Mining Substations, Unit Substations, Portable or Mobile Substations, and probably a few others. No matter what you call them, they all serve the same purpose which is to safely supply electricity to drills, pumps, ventilation fans and all other electrical apparatus in surface and underground mines.

Mine Power Services is committed to providing excellent service and high quality equipment to our customers. We stand behind the products we sell and will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy with the goods and services they've received. "A satisfied customer is a repeat customer!"

At Mine Power Services, our refurbished or reconditioned substations are rebuilt to meet the original specifications and the current equipment standards. We take great pride in our work, and stand behind our refurbished units with the same warranty as our brand new equipment. All of our refurbished equipment undergoes rigorous testing before it is deemed ready to be put into service.

Our refurbished underground portable substations are an economical alternative to higher cost brand new units, and are readily available "on the shelf" as compared to 10-12 week delivery for new units.

Mine Power Services got our mine up and running again quickly and efficiently after some of our electrical equipment was damaged by a flood in the mine. Their experience and expertise made all the difference!! Great job!!

Bonaparte Gold Mine

Bonaparte Gold Mine