Tower Lighting

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Tower Lighting
Tower lighting brightens up massive constructions and keeps cities well-lit for safety. The increase in infrastructure spending in developing countries worldwide is driving up the market shares of tower lights. In 2017, analysts saw the compound annual growth rate of light towers to be at 6.1% in a five-year period. Meanwhile, its market share is expected to reach $2.72 billion in 2022.
If you are looking out for the most effective tower lighting, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of using different types of lights.
There are two options for tower lighting:

1) metal halide lights and 2) LED lights. For this article, you’ll learn more about LED lights and whether it should be on your list for your tower lighting projects.
Why you should use LED lights for towers
The green choice for contractors. Modern construction is now mindful of using the most environment-friendly option. A LED light or Light Emitting Diode is a popular choice for those who prefer to go “green.” LED produces light through electroluminescence or converting electricity to light. It provides lesser heat compared with other lamps. And because it has lesser heat, there’s no warm up or cool down time before you get the full power.
Energy-efficient. Led lamps use 80 percent of the energy to make the light and the remaining 20 percent is emitted as heat. Compared with traditional bulbs, LED light has 80 to 90 percent efficiency. Incandescent light bulbs only emit 20 percent of energy and 80 percent heat. To produce light, it also needs lesser watts which give you up to 40 percent fuel reduction.
Built to last. Because of its energy efficiency, LED lamps have a longer lifespan than other bulbs. LED lights have no filaments that need to get replaced once it’s burned out. They are also are more durable because they are not made from glass. Its bulb life could last up to 50,000 hours. The average life expectancy of LED lights is ten years.
Lesser glare. LED lights have lesser glare, and it gives out more clear and focused light to an area.
LED Tower Lights and the Environment
You are helping do your part for the environment when you use Led for the Tower Lighting. The LED has no toxic components unlike the fluorescent lamp, which contain mercury. It will take years before mercury will break down and cease to be a risk.
Because LED will use less energy compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent strip lights, it places less burden on the environment through greenhouse gases. Regarding lumens, an 18-watt LED brightness is equivalent to the energy produced by a 70-watt halogen lamp or a 100-watt standard incandescent bulb. It stands to reason that your monthly electrical bill will also drop.
If you need to get more information on high-intensity LED lights for tower lighting, we at Drake Lighting could provide you with Federal Aviation Administration-compliant obstruction lighting. We can assist you in lowering your average operating expenses.