Medical Device Testing

CT Compliance Testing provides a wide range of medical device testing services, from early idea testing all the way to the final design verification and validation. Our testing services include test procedure development, along with performance and reporting. We provide custom testing to meet FDA, product safety, and other certifications to bring products to market quickly.

Our Medical Device Testing Services

You can trust CT Compliance Testing as your medical device-testing partner if you want to make sure your product is compliant with design expectations and regulations. Extensive product analysis and testing are needed to ensure your product is safe because medical devices are under strict regulations. We conduct many medical device analysis and testing services, such as measuring, cleanliness testing, chemical treatment layers, and particle counting. Our Medical device testing service includes:

  • Assessment.
  • An end-to-end analysis.
  • Medical device evaluation to confirm that the product performs as intended and fit for practical usage.

Our medical device analysts can help you understand how the components and materials within your product work together and make sure you fully understand the specifications. We help people experiencing any of the following problems or challenges.

  • Is your medical device experiencing a short circuit during testing? We can help you identify the contaminants, including cleaning agents or residual flux causing the issue.
  • Are foreign materials emerging on your components or products? Our medical device testing can help you determine the cause of contamination.
  • Do you need to assess layers or coatings for product thickness? We have extensive knowledge analyzing medical-grade coatings.
  • Our medical device analysis and testing experts can help if you want to compare product samples for consistency or material quality or choose between new vendors or suppliers.

Our Approach To Medical Device Analysis & Testing

With our many years of experience helping manufacturers and suppliers analyze and test their medical products, our testing lab gives accurate results in a way that other labs cannot match.

We take a problem-solving approach to give you useful information beyond the standard lab report. Analytical services we used for medical device analysis and testing include:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Product Material Testing
  • Materials Characterization
  • Cleanliness and Outgassing Testing

Comply With Regulations And Standards

We provide you with a one-stop solution by combining expert medical product-testing knowledge with a global network of accredited facilities and laboratories. Our testing puts your medical product through a comprehensive industry assessment and helps you prove compliance with regulations and standards.

Our tests cover your production cycle, from product prototype testing to lab tests for ergonomics, certification, functional and electrical safety. We test for both active and non-active medical devices and IVD equipment.

Contact CT Compliance Testing

We provide medical device testing to ensure the optimal working of medical devices. Only a few laboratories can match the level of expertise, attention to quality, technical oversight, and customer service that have made our company a leader in this industry. Contact us at 866-311-3268 to speak with one of our representatives about your medical device testing needs.

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