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Renewable sources of energy are sustainable, abundant, environmentally friendly, and replenished from time to time. Solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal power can contribute energy without the planet-warming effects of fossil fuels which is a non-renewable source of energy. Adoption of innovative and progressed technologies by renewable energy companies have made them understand the benefits that renewable energy delivers along with, it staves off the harmful effects of non-renewable sources of energy. Clear sky solar is one of the tops of the line green energy company.

5 Benefits Of Going Green

1) Abundant supply: Green power companies use resources from the environment to create energy. Popular renewable resources like sunshine, wind, biomass, and tides are unlimited in supply which means they don't deplete like fossil fuel or others. Difficulty to extract and increase cost are key disadvantages associated with non-renewable resources.

2) Low maintenance is required: Traditional fuel resources require more maintenance like generators. This is not the case with renewable sources of energy like solar or wind turbines. Because they hardly have movable parts and they don't depend on explosive combustible sources of energy. Low maintenance indicates more money and time saved.

3) Many Health And Environmental Effects: Renewable energy produces no greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide or pollutants in the air. They generate electricity from the environment leaving a positive impact and rarer carbon dioxide imprints. Extreme weather and acceleration in global temperature are the results of greenhouse gasses that are released during the combustion process. Fossil fuels also lead to sulfur emission to the atmosphere as a consequence acid rains take place. Acid rains can destroy buildings. These hazardous gases affect the overall health of the population by causing respiratory and cardiac health issues. The government gives a chunk of the budget to the health sector to cure these diseases. It must support solar energy companies that stimulate a healthy atmosphere.

4) More Money, More Profit, More Employment: Less maintenance and operating costs mean more money saved in the long run. Moreover, sun, wind, and stream are used to produce power which means you don't have to pay for refuel and you save thousands of dollars. New and stable jobs are created as a cheaper substitute. This moves the economy to progress and stable global energy prices, unlike non-renewables whose prices depend on the availability and existing inflation.

5) Lesser Reliance On Foreign Energy Sources: As non-renewable sources are limited in supply and will eventually run out, the prices have increased dramatically. Moreover, due to an increased usage of fossil fuel to cater for an increase in population, reliance on foreign energy has increased as countries themselves are not efficient to completely fulfill the needs of the energy. The more renewable energy you’re using for your power needs, the less dependence on imported energy.

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