Granite Bridge Saw For Sale

Granite Bridge Saw For Sale

If you own a fabrication business, then you need to buy a bridge saw. This will increase your productivity levels, which in turn increases your revenue. Here are some of the best bridge saw machines for sale on the market.

Diamond 3 Bridge Saw

This bridge saw is perfect for people who enjoy DIY. It has an 8-inch rim diamond blade designed for cutting through the slate, granite, marble, and ceramic tiles. The saw can also cut porcelain tiles with a porcelain blade. The brushless motor is powerful and does quick and repeat cuts. It has automatic thermal overload protection, which prevents overheating.

This model has a six-ball-bearing cutting assembly that enables the motor to move smoothly with slight vibrations while making precise cuts. Water flow is distributed using the enclosed dual water spray system. For easy storage and mobility, the saw comes with a fold-out stand with wheel attachments.

Diamond 8 Bridge Saw

This saw is excellent value for your money. You can find it in many of the leading bridge saw suppliers in the U.S. This product is built and designed for heavy-duty tasks. It features a 16-inch diamond blade that can cut slabs 4 inches thick. When it comes to precision cutting, the Diamond 8 bridge saw is very dependable. It is easy to operate with its simple push-button controls.

This saw comes with a handheld pendant for directional control and a bridge with a laser light guide. In addition, it is easy to set up and use with minimal training and maintenance. The laser system gives an accurate saw path, which enables operators to make precise cuts. The saw has a hydraulic tilt table with a 360 degrees rotation for effortless loading of a slab. The manual rotation stops every 45 degrees, has airbrakes and a central grease location.

This brand is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive controls. You can program it to make quick and precise cuts, even on the hardest stones. Diamond 8 allows you to do fast cuts without complex controls. The diagnostic screen makes this brand user-friendly. In addition, the go-to cut feature displays the following cut location accurately while taking the length and thickness into consideration. Through the powered bridge miter functions, you can create clean and accurate miter cuts up to 47 degrees.

Refurbished Bridge Saw

Bridge saw manufacturers made it easy to manage this product by adding a tilt table with stop locations. It has a stop and lock feature that can be used at any angle. The tilt function and the rotating table make it easy to position the stone. The saw has a variable frequency drive, which allows you to change the blade RPM according to your preferences.

The saw speed can be customized according to your needs. The saw can be configured to a 24-inch blade and sawing depth of 7 inches or up to the 28-inch blade and a sawing depth of 9 inches. The 28-inch blade cuts slabs of limestone, marble, granite, bluestone, or sandstone.

For easier operation, the saw has a wireless pendant to increase flexibility and faster processing. The saw projects an accurate saw path through the laser line guide, making it easier for operators to use. This product is built to last and gives owners 15 plus years of production, making them some of the best options for used bridge saws for sale near me.

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Granite Bridge Saw For Sale
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