Generator Dealers Near Me

Generator Dealers Near Me

It goes without saying that the power grid in throughout the country is becoming less reliable on a yearly basis. With power outages occurring more often and even lasting longer, it is no wonder why anyone would be searching for good generator dealers near me to stay ahead of the curve. When you lose power, you are running the risk of sitting in the heat without air conditioning, spending time in the dark, and wondering if the food in your refrigerator and freezer is going to spoil.

Aside from the potential issues with the power grid, it is not all that uncommon to lose power from time to time. When you are tired of the routine when you do lose power, you will want to take action and arm your household with a generator. But, how can you go about picking the best one for your exact needs? A smaller generator that is portable will give you power for the essentials, such as a few lights, your fridge, and maybe the microwave. However, a larger generator that works on standby may have the ability to power up everything in your house.

Portable Generators

Whenever the power goes out, you could have a portable generator that is gas powered. Once you start it up, you can plug in your appliances or plug the generator into a subpanel. You will often find that a portable generator will cost somewhere between $500 to $1500 all depending on the power output.

Standby Generators

These are generators that are usually powered by propane or natural gas and they will kick on automatically whenever a power outage starts. When it comes to pricing, you will usually find that these generators will start at around $5000 for a unit that is about 7,000 watts, including the installation.

When you are looking for generator dealers near me, you will also have to determine the best sizing for your generator. Add up your power needs by estimating how much power you will want to use for each appliance during an outage. Adding up the watts will help you to figure out the size of the generator that is best for your needs. It can also be helpful to walk through your home to think about everything that you will want to power up during a power outage. Each appliance should have a label with this information as well as the model number and the year that it was mad.

Shopping for a generator will be easier if you have access to some of the best generator dealers near me. At Corrigan Electric Co., we have the trained professionals that you want to help you determine which generator is going to be best for your household and your budget. We have a knowledgeable staff that can go over the details of the different generator options. It is important to us that you have the peace of mind you need when it comes to powering up your home when there is an electrical outage, so call us today for more information on a new generator.

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