Disinfection Cleaning Orange County

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Keeping your facility or business clean has always been a priority, but it is even more necessary now during the pandemic. Covid-19 can survive on surfaces for a lengthy time, making the area unsafe. It is essential to provide proper disinfection cleaning in Orange County to control the spread of the virus. The best way to ensure that your facility is always clean and safe is with professional disinfection. At SPH Medical, we provide high-quality cleaning and disinfecting services to a variety of facilities in the area.

What Is Disinfection Cleaning in Orange County?

Disinfection cleaning in Orange County includes a thorough cleaning of surfaces and then complete disinfection to prevent the spread of viruses. The first step is to evaluate the cleanup that you need based on the type of surfaces and the size and use of the building. When you have employees, customers, tenants, and others who need to share the use of space, you need to keep it clean and safe. Cleaning removes dirt and most bacteria while disinfecting kills any remaining viruses or bacteria that remain on the surface.

Buildings that Require Disinfection Cleaning in Orange County

There are many types of buildings that require professional disinfection cleaning in Orange County. Some of the facilities that we service include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, office buildings, municipal buildings, gyms, sports facilities, and hotels and restaurants. The cleaning methods and products we use depends on the use of the building. You need to make sure that you provide a safe place for customers, employees, and others. If someone doesn’t feel safe, they won’t want to enter your building. Our cleaning services give you the peace of mind that your environment is safe for others

How Does the Process Work?

It is essential to have a plan for cleaning and disinfecting your facility. Different types of buildings have different cleaning requirements. At SPH Medical, we have a team of experts who are available to assess your needs and create a plan. We will provide you with regular weekly or monthly services based on your requirements. We use disinfectants that meet the EPA and FDA requirements. We follow CDC guidelines for thoroughly cleaning your environment. We also offer on-demand emergency decontamination services when necessary.

Create a Clean and Safe Environment

You can count on SPH Medical to provide you with a clean and safe environment. Our team is here to answer your questions, evaluate your needs, and provide the best possible disinfection services. Don’t try to clean surfaces on your own because you can’t guarantee their cleanliness. Instead, choose a professional company with years of experience. At SPH Medical, we are your go-to cleaning company when you need to make sure that you supply a safe and disinfected facility. We are happy to offer a consultation to assist with your needs and develop a cleaning plan and schedule that works best. We will reevaluate the conditions to make sure that the facility remains as clean and safe as possible. Contact SPH Medical today to discuss your cleaning needs.

Disinfection Cleaning Orange County