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Talk to any HVAC service in Orange Park, FL and you might be surprised at how often scrap metal thieves make off with people’s air conditioner units. Scrap metal theft is a booming business for criminals all over the country, unfortunately. Luckily for you, we have put together some tips and tricks to help you keep your condenser unit safe and secured to your property. Here are some quick ideas for you.

Lock It in A Cage

We know that it may stir up some funny imagery, but as a professional HVAC service in Orange Park, FL for the past several years, we have seen this work. These air conditioner unit cages cost a few hundred dollars, which is really a drop in the bucket when compared to the cost of replacing your unit entirely.

Make sure if you choose to go this route that you shop carefully. Just as there is a variety of condenser unit sizes, there is also several different cage sizes. Be sure you have the right size and that the product you ultimately purchase and have installed has adequate ventilation.

Install Motion Detector Lights

If you already have a security system in place at your property, then you may already have motion detector lights. If you don’t, then consider these a great investment for your home security as well as the security of your air conditioning unit. An experienced thief can make off with an air conditioner condenser in just a few minutes. They will feel more deterred from doing so if there are security lights shining on him for those few minutes.

Consider Built-In Security Features

If you do have a security system in place, investigate products that have the functionality of connecting to your air conditioner. These products will send a signal to your security system if there is an interruption in power from your air conditioner. That way, you can know right away if there’s been a theft attempt and you can contact the authorities immediately.

Don’t Cover It Up

Perhaps you’re displeased by the fact that you can see your air conditioner unit and so you’ve planted some strategically placed shrubbery or bushes surrounding it. This is the ideal opportunity for scrap metal thieves to pilfer your condenser unit without being seen. The best thing to do to prevent theft is to keep your unit out in the open. That way there’s nowhere for thieves to hide while they’re scrambling to take off with it.

Put Tracking Information on It

There may be a time despite your best efforts that your air conditioner unit is stolen. You can prepare for this event by etching your name and the serial number of the unit into the metal in an inconspicuous spot. If your air conditioner is stolen, you have a distinguishing mark on it to make it easier for law enforcement to track it down and hopefully return it to you.

The best thing to do if your air conditioning is on the fritz is call an experienced and reputable local HVAC service in Orange Park, FL like Ideal Conditions. In the meantime, you can take care of your unit through regular maintenance and keeping in mind these important tips to prevent your actual outdoor unit from being stolen.

Ac Service Orange Park Fl